The Noachian Legacy

A sensational Investigation into Ancient Peoples and Empires – revealing the hidden Identities of their Descendants – as our Modern Nations and Powers 

Primus Verba

My life long enthusiasm for the diversity of peoples and their cultures on our shared home, the singularly solitary and beautiful, watery blue orb we call Earth, was sparked around the age of ten when my father gave me a number of overflowing envelopes filled with postage stamps. He had kept every stamp from every letter from about the time I had been born. This included countless that he had received from his work. We had lived in Morocco for the first five years of my life and there were many from there as well as other exotic sounding nations – for me – including Persia [Iran] – Arabic writing I couldn’t understand, though fascinated with its artistry [Egypt] – and Hellas [Greece]. I spent hours over many weeks soaking them in the bath tub to remove their paper-backing and then diligently sorting them into countries and finally into albums.

This patient process led me to studying atlases and procuring a world map to see where exactly, all these new exciting countries were located. Little did I know, there were in fact some two hundred nations in the world. My eventual passion for [ancient] history, geography, and vexillology has combined over the years to include valuable research into heraldry, geo-politics, anthropology, ethnology, philology, etymology, legends and myth. All this through stamp collecting and my father unwittingly sending me on a journey I could not have imagined; following a trail that was more intriguing and dramatic the further along I ventured.

As a child, I had begun to question who really were the previous great nations and their empires of old and… thrillingly, who and where might they be now! Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, the Phoenicians, the Chaldeans, the Medes and Persians, the Greeks, Romans, Byzantium, the Goth and Frankish kingdoms, the Ottoman Empire. 

A crucial development was a certain teaching of the church that we had begun attending at about the same age of ten. I cannot recall when I became fully aware – though it was while I was young – of the belief that the family tree of nations listed in the Bible, as well as other other non-canonical books is in fact an account of the ancestors of the descended nations in existence today.

Though our church’s material was a valuable springboard, it fell short in answering my now all-consuming questions on the aforementioned great empires and peoples. I had been accepting of the identities as expounded and that they were accurate. It was years later, in my twenties when I challenged the teachings of our church one by one, that I came to look at the identity of nations much more closely to check their authenticity.

This began – in about 1991 – an in-depth study into the doctrine and thus a formerly casual acceptance and interest now began to evolve into a serious passion and probably more honestly an obsession. For when I looked at each identity one by one, I was struck aghast that only a small handful made sense and the vast majority did not. Either I was heading off in a tangent, or the foundational premise I had thought to be sound needed to be questioned and it-would-seem, rebuilt. A thirty year quest has ensued to fully understand the subject and endeavour to fit the pieces together more accurately.

A couple of serious points. Firstly, the subject of nations identities from the Bible divides like no other doctrinal teaching. Either one is enthusiastically receptive to the subject or vehemently opposed and sitting squarely in team scepticism. Those in opposition are themselves, likely in one of two camps. There are sincere believers in the Bible, yet see no sense, or place for this knowledge in their paradigm of beliefs. That is, it is not essential for salvation, nor does it have any relevance in their lives. Then there are others who do not believe the Bible is inspired and that it is rather just a collection of fables, platitudes, proverbs and the such that may be interesting, though not something to place serious value upon.

My purpose is not to try to win over either or to change their views. I would be surprised if they should even wish to read this work or sacrifice the time and energy on it. As Dale Carnegie said: “A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still”. 

There are readers whom hopefully are more receptive as they may have either a surface knowledge, or possibly considerable research after years of interest. The issue they may have with this work, is that it will fly contrary to the majority of teachings they are familiar with – from the preceding past one hundred and fifty years while it has gained popularity – and it might be asking too much to shift preconceived and pre-heard ideas that have become comfortable and well-intrenched. I am fascinated to find that people will often clutch onto the first explanation of a nation’s identity that they read or hear and it is then held close to their heart in a vice-like grip and woe to the person who try’s to loosen that clasp. 

To the constant and faithful readers who with me, share a reciprocal interest and desire to grow in knowledge and understanding… I trust that you will enjoy the journey we are about to embark on as much as I have. I would be very glad to hear from anyone that has a similar passion and desire to share, so that we can all further our understanding. I am continually learning and revising and open to teaching from others of like mind, welcoming helpful input.

I will aim to be non-dogmatic in my approach – be patient if I forget myself and am over zealous – I am not trying to prove emphatically necessarily, but rather, present my thoughts and submit my findings. A theory one could say and a springboard for further study and understanding. I have read numerous articles and books – especially on the Lost Tribes of Israel – and I believe there is a lot of confusion on the subject.

It is a colossal irony of enormous magnitude that those who dismiss the Bible outright, or those who place little value on the Old Testament verses that describe peoples and nations [past and future] – are using this teaching – as proof to satisfy in their own minds that either the Bible is not true or that vast sections of the Old Testament are of no value. Whereas the actual converse is applicable! The more one can identify peoples in the Bible that equate to modern nations today, the more compelling and incontrovertible the veracity of the Old Testament verses become, offering the most profound proof there is, that the Bible is actually inspired to reveal what is true.

The Bible has endured a sizeable proportion of editing and suffered censoring at the hands of those who compiled each Testament. Whether the scriptural verses that discuss peoples and nations have been or not, I am presently unaware. I do not believe there is any impediment to understanding them, as they are presented. There is helpful supplementary material in two books that did not make the biblical canon: the Book of Jasher and The Book of Jubilees. Many subjects that are Bible based or incorporate the Bible as part of their research can be supported by a variety of extra-biblical sources and secular material. The identity of nations is no different, though I trust as we progress, that the credibility of the written word of the Old Testament becomes overwhelmingly evident as the bedrock foundation in unlocking identities.

The second serious point is that it is next to impossible to cover this topic without a detractor crying racist or anti-Semite. One can speak of anthropology or ethnicity and little issue. Mention race and you are potentially in a hot seat. Anyone who knows me, can attest I am the least racist person. My interest in people and their origins and identity would make no sense otherwise. I sincerely mean no offence to anyone and apologise unreservedly if anything is inadvertently said that could be construed to be anything other than entirely respectful to all peoples included and discussed.

Some may be thinking: what are my credentials? Well, you may be disappointed if you value intellectual scholarship. I do not have a masters or a doctorate. I took Geography at High School and passed as well as History, achieving second place in my High School. I completed two semesters of History at University, gaining an Associate of Arts in Theology and the Fine Arts. I have been fortunate to have experienced a myriad of cultures and peoples, while visiting some forty countries and have been blessed to have lived in six different nations.

I believe what has held me in better stead, has been my willingness to accept what I have come to understand, yet be willing to be flexible enough to modify my view if I see the pieces are not smoothly interlacing. Also, through a thorough examination of every scripture in the Bible on the families and their subsequent descendants, many times over; while cross-referencing the verses, studying them word by word and checking definitions of key words and relevant people’s names. 

This process has been quite literally a gigantic jig-saw puzzle of thousands of pieces. With so many pieces it wasn’t easy, as I didn’t know which pieces were missing. I know I still don’t have them all. If others have missing pieces, I would be fascinated to continue learning. We are by our very nature prone and limited at times to perceiving ideas and even facts from our own individual perspective. I have endeavoured throughout to approach – what has been tantamount to – an investigation, with integrity and impartiality as much as possible.

Before we begin in earnest, I have noticed researchers have relied quite heavily on etymology, heraldry symbols and sometimes superficial connections. I think they are important and lend interesting support. It can be easy to place possibly, over credence on them that can then be mis-leading and less constructive rather than helpful.

I have taken a different approach in four main areas that I believe may have been invaluable in unlocking the enigma of the nations identities.

a. As the original nations of the world began as families grown large, they understandably lived in close proximity to other families that were closely related. A geographic proximity and closeness that I believe has been replicated today. In other words, nations generally migrated in similar lines or paths, whether parallel or in tandem from the Middle East region and have ended up in Europe, Asia and so forth living next to those exact same people who are more closely related to themselves.

b. An area that has tangled up many researchers is that of names used for peoples in one area and then those people migrate and move under a different name – because languages kept evolving and also friends or foes would use different names or labels for people. We will strike this phenomena repeatedly, but to use one quick example. The people of Ham’s son Cush moved into an area of land in East Africa – below and to the south of present day Egypt and the Sudan – and it became known as Ethiopia, a translation of Cush. Cush’s descendants have long gone from the area, now lived in by the modern nation of Africans with that name. The people that live there now are not Cush. We will find that Cush migrated to the Arabian peninsula and continued eastward. Therefore, in the Bible when it mentions Cush – past or future – or is translated as Ethiopia, being inter-changeable, it means the people of Cush and where they reside now. Not, the people currently living in the modern nation called Ethiopia. This is very important to understand and completely alters the meaning of certain verses that have been interpreted in error.

c. Relating to point two: language changes and evolves continually. Compare an English or American English dictionary from fifty years ago with one from the present day. The amount of new and changing words is vast. Hence how nations can have very different identifying names over the course of two hundred years, let alone two thousand years. Similar to point one: Languages spoken today are a major clue to who is related to whom and it is similarly linked to geographic location. Similar language does not stand alone but added with other evidence adds weighted support.

d. I happened on Haplogroups and my research was impacted from that day forward. To receive confirmation of humanities present locations worldwide was monumental; pivotal evidence in supporting the proposition that humankind is one family grown large and that distinct family groups are identifiable through our DNA. Certain peoples are clearly more related to some than others and therefore match the family groups listed in the Old Testament.

I am indebted to the following two men and their research. The Origin of the Nations, 1957, by Dr Herman Hoeh and Judah’s Sceptre and Joseph’s Birthright, 1902, by J H Allen.

Most importantly, I wish to give grateful appreciation to my wife. Tirelessly she has listened to me go on and on, with my findings and theories. I ran everything on this subject past her for thirty years and still counting. On walks, sharing a drink in the garden, sitting on the sofa or last thing at night in bed as she struggles to stay awake and then can resist no more. Me still talking until I realise she is asleep. To have a sounding board, who countless times helped me refine a point or a new line of enquiry is of incalculable value. She is a sizeable part of this work – thank you.

“What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.”

Isaac Newton [1643 – 1727]

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

George Orwell [1903 – 1950]

“All iconoclasts have to swim upstream against a relentless tide of opposition… the fate of all rebels…”

Lloyd Pye [1946 – 2013]

“I challenge anyone to assert that they have done more than simply parrot the words of the official anonymous or generally accepted superficial sources. And I ask does that satisfy one who is truly looking for an answer?”

Nara [2009] 

“To whom will he teach knowledge, and to whom will he explain the message…

Isaiah 28:9 English Standard Version

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