I have noticed three key points regarding Lilith a. there is considerable interest in her b. there is significant confusion surrounding Lilith’s identity and her role in human affairs and c. Lilith is a central figure in the occult and black magic. Lilith was originally known as Lilitu – which means ‘a wind spirit or …

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Nuclear Nefariousness

The main powers of the world – by deciding who enters and who doesn’t join the ‘nuclear club’ – have been able to maintain their control of the masses that bit more effectively by keeping the world firmly under the mushroom-like umbrella of an ominous nuclear threat. There are two main reactions at the atomic or molecular …

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Heaven & Hell

The doctrine of Heaven and Hell is a fundamental teaching in Christianity. On the one hand it provides great comfort to mourners that their beloved one has gone to a better place – to be with God in Heaven. Or have they, for all must admit to the thought that insidiously sneaks into our mind… …

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The Mighty Man

In the Book of Judges we are introduced to the men and women who became a Judge of Israel. Unlike most of the Kings of Judah and all of the Kings of Israel who were evil in the sight of the Eternal, the Judges were known for their spirituality and relationship with the Creator. Samson …

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The Majestic Man

Joseph, favourite son of Jacob, was chosen to be the recipient of the Birthright blessings which were usually reserved for the firstborn son. Jacob’s eldest sons though, Reuben, Simeon and Levi all disqualified themselves. Even so, Levi was chosen to be the Priestly tribe and even after his own personal misdemeanours, Judah was selected to …

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  1. I wasn’t sure I could manage these kinds of articles initially, as they are quite complex for those with little knowledge on the subject. Though your style and presentation is excellent and your research and content is impressive. I have been reading your articles for a few weeks now and thought it merited a thank-you.

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