Chapter XXVII Abraham, is a dominant figure on the genetic landscape with Noah and his sons, for his descendants loom large on the pages of history. Abraham is likened to Abel before the flood, in similarly being the first person after the flood to stand out as a towering presence in obedience to the true …

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Rhesus Negative Blood Factor

It was in 1616, that William Harvey – an English physician and scientist who made influential contributions in anatomy and physiology – confirmed what was already in the scriptures and declared that ‘life is in the blood.’  ‘Any man… who eats [or mingles] any blood, I will set my face against that person who eats …

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Moab & Ammon

Chapter XXVI The elder brother of Nahor is Haran. Haran died prematurely at eighty-two years of age either at the hands of his younger brother Abraham in an accident or highly unlikely, murdered by Nimrod, though more probably at the hand of King Shulgi of Ur. His father Terah, with Lot and Abraham’s families then …

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Homo neanderthalensis III

An article written by Genesis and Genetics, entitled Neanderthal and His Biblical Identity, posted April 23, 2012 offers valuable insight on Homo neanderthalensis. I agree with their conclusion that Neanderthal man was alive before the Flood and died out during that cataclysm. Where we differ is that they subscribe to a. Homo neanderthalensis being the …

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Chapter XXV Peleg, the brother of Joktan, is not only synonymous with a split in Arphaxad’s line, but more famously with the division of all the peoples and races from Japheth, Ham and Shem who had congregated in the Mesopotamian region. The failed Tower of Babel venture circa 6755 BCE, had ended with the Son …

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Homo neanderthalensis II

Neanderthal man attracts considerable interest from scientists and the public alike. We have touched upon this subject in Chapter X Magog, Tubal & Meshech, as well as the article Homo neanderthalensis I. The word Neanderthal is based on the area of first discovery, the Neander Valley, Germany in 1856. Tal is the German word for Valley. A …

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opus in progressu

At the beginning of this endeavour, my sincere hope was that if just one person reading a single article or gratifyingly, maybe all them – if they were a seriously tough hombre – was then compelled to figuratively take the red pill of discovery, betterment and change; this was preferable than having a thousand readers …

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Ophir & Ukraine

With events occurring rapidly in Eastern Europe and the world watching with bated breath, it is timely that Chapter XXIV Arphaxad has just been completed. The vast array of peoples of European or ‘western’ descent, those of Western Eurasia if you will – which is beginning to sound like George Orwell’s 1984 with three superstates …

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