Appendix V: The Kings of Israel & Judah

Chronological charts for the Kings of Israel and Judah during the period of the divided kingdom: 930 to 722 BCE and 930 to 586 BCE respectively.

Kings of IsraelStatusYearsDate BCEBooks of KingsBook of Chronicles
Jeroboam IEvil21930-910 I Kings 12:19-14:20II Chr 10:2
NadabEvil1910-909 I Kings 15:25-31
BaashaEvil23909-886 I Kings 15:27-16:7
ElahEvil1886-885I Kings 16:8-14
ZimriEvil7 Days885I Kings 16:9,15-20
5885-880I Kings 16:21-22
OmriEvil11885-874I Kings 16:17,23-28
AhabEvil21874-853I Kings 16:28-34; 20:1-22II Chr 18:1
AhaziahEvil1853-852I Kings 22:40-53; 2 Kings 1:2-18
JoramEvil11852-841II Kings 3:1II Chr 22:7
JehuEvil27841-814 II Kings 9:2-10:36II Chr 22:7
JehoahazEvil16814-798 II Kings 13:1-9
JoashEvil16798-782 II Kings 13:10-25; 14:15-16II Chr 25:7
Jeroboam IIEvil41793-753II Kings 14:16,23-29
ZachariahEvil6 Months753-752II Kings 14:29;15:8-12
ShallumEvil1 Month752II Kings 15:10-15
PekahEvil20752-732II Kings 15:14,27-31
MenahemEvil10752-742II Kings 15:16-22
Pekahiah Evil2742-740II Kings 15:23-26
HosheaEvil9732-723 II Kings 15:30
Assyrian Captivity
208 years722 BCEII Kings 17:1-6
Kings of JudahStatusYears of Reign BCEBooks of KingsBook of Chronicles
RehoboamEvil930-913I Kings 12:1II Chronicles 10:1
AbijahEvil913-910I Kings 15:1II Chronicles 13:1
AsaRighteous910-869I Kings 15:9II Chronicles 14:1
JehoshaphatRighteous869-844I Kings 22:41II Chronicles 17:1
JehoramEvil844-836I Kings 22:50II Chronicles 21:1
AhaziahEvil836-835II Kings 8:24II Chronicles 22:1
AthaliahQueen835II Kings 11:1II Chronicles 22:10
JoashRighteous835-795II Kings 11:4II Chronicles 23:1
AmaziahRighteous795-766II Kings 14:1II Chronicles 25:1
UzziahRighteous791-739II Kings 15:1II Chronicles 26:1
JothamRighteous749-733II Kings 15:32II Chronicles 27:1
AhazEvil736-720II Kings 15:38II Chronicles 28:1
HezekiahRighteous720-691II Kings 18:1II Chronicles 29:1
ManassehEvil696-641II Kings 21:1II Chronicles 33:1
AmonEvil641-639II Kings 21:19II Chronicles 33:21
JosiahRighteous639-608II Kings 22:1II Chronicles 34:1
JehoahazEvil608II Kings 23:31II Chronicles 36:1
JehoiakimEvil608-597II Kings 23:36II Chronicles 36:4
JehoiakinEvil597II Kings 24:6II Chronicles 36:9
ZedekiahEvil597-586II Kings 24:17II Chronicles 36:11
Babylonian Captivity 586 BCE
344 yearsII Kings 25:1II Chronicles 36:13

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