Appendix I: Identity Index

An appendix designed for readers who cannot recall a particular identity – for there are a lot to remember – particularly helpful for those who may be new to the subject or possess a passing interest or surface level of knowledge. 

It also will be advantageous for those readers desiring to skip sections should their interest or concentration not extend to a full investment of time in reading the chronological and contextual background of information chapter by chapter. Though as a result, some identities on first reading, may be more difficult to assimilate and process than others. 


Tiras: Amerindians of North, Central & South America

Madai (Medes): Turkic-Mongol peoples of the Central Asian Republics of Kazakhstan,         Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, partially Tajikistan, the Tatars of Russia and the Sami of Russia, Finland and Scandinavia

Gomer: Continental South East Asia 

Ashkenaz: Vietnam

Riphath: Cambodia

Diphath: Laos

Ararat: Myanmar

Minni: Thailand

Togarmah: North & South Korea

Javan: Archipelago South East Asia

Elishah: Malaysia & Singapore

Dodan: Philippines

Rodan: Polynesians & Micronesians

Kitti: Indonesia

Tarshish: Japan

Magog, Tubal & Meshech: China & Taiwan, Tibet, Bhutan


Canaan: Sub-Saharan Africans

Sidon: South Africa

Arvad: Angola

Hamath: Nigeria

Cush (Ethiopia): South Asia 

Havilah: Bangladesh

Sabtah: Nepal

Sabteca: Jammu & Kashmir

Seba: Sri Lanka

Raamah: India 

Sheba: Northern India

Dedan: Dravidians of Southern India, South East Asian Negritos and Pacific Melanesians

Sukki: Afghanistan

Phut (Libya): Pakistan

Mizra: Arabs

Pathros: Egypt

Anam: North Africa

Naphtuh: Middle East, including Arabian Peninsula and the Levant

Ludim: with Iran

Lehab (Lubim): with Pakistan

Casluh & Caphtor (Philistines): Latino-Hispano of Spanish Central & South America, including Mexico, Colombia and Argentina 


Lud (Lydia): Iran & Azerbaijan, Georgia

Elam (Persia): Turkey & Armenia

Asshur (Assyria): Russia

Aram (Syria):

Hul: Portugal

Mash: (Tyre): Brazil

Gether: Spain

Uz: Southern Italy & Sicily

Arphaxad: Europe 

Anar & Ashcol: Finland

Joktan: Eastern Europe – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo

Ophir: Ukraine

Havilah: Poland

Sheba: Romania

Uzal: Greece

Peleg: Western Europe

Nahor (Chaldeans): Northern & Central Italy 

Haran:  Switzerland 

Lot: French

Moab: Central & Southern France

Ammon: North Western France, Paris & French Quebec, Canada

Abraham & Keturah: Scandinavia & Benelux

Zimran: Norway

Ishbak: Iceland

Medan: Denmark

Shuah: Sweden

Jokshan: Belgium

Sheba: Flanders & the Flemish

Dedan – Leumm: Brussels

Letush: Wallonia & the Walloons

Asshur: Luxembourg

Midian (Hivites): Netherlands, the Dutch & Afrikaners, South Africa

Ishmael (Hittites): Germany

Hagar: Austria 

Esau (Edom)): State of Israel, Sephardic & Ashkenazi Jews 

Amalek: American Jews

Jacob (Israel): Irish & British = Celts, Angles, Frisians, Jutes, Vikings, Normans 

Judah: England

Benjamin: Scotland

Simeon: Wales 

Levi: Scattered (predominantly within Judah, Benjamin and Simeon)

Reuben: Northern Ireland 

Gad: Ireland

Issachar: Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) & South Africa

Zebulun: Republic of South Africa

Asher: Australia

Naphtali: New Zealand

Joseph: North America

Ephraim: United States of America, East, North & West

Half tribe of West Manasseh: Southern States

Half tribe of East Manasseh (Gilead, Machir): Canada

Dan: Scattered… predominantly located in the United States, Northern Ireland and Scotland and known respectively as Scotch Irish, Ulster Scots and Scots Irish

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