opus in progressu III

It is now five months since the previous progress summary and some eight months have quickly passed since the first one in March.

I appreciate the information following is a little indulgent, though it is a good barometer in learning which titles are acquiring the most interest and perhaps where to focus my energies in the future.

Well, much has changed with the uploading of not just the sons of Jacob, but also with near family such as Esau and Lot’s children.

Aside from this website, I have a space on Quora called: The Biblical Identity of Nations. Interest on Quora has far exceeded this website and it has been enlightening to learn which articles have drawn the biggest readership.

The runaway number one chapter of interest on Quora by July was Alpha & Omega. It was way beyond anything else. I appreciate due to its length, most people would need to read in segments and so view it more than once. Even so, it is the most eclectic of all the chapters and the most subjective; yet the one that was most popular. The next top chapters were 2. Noah Antecessor Nulla; 3. China: Magog, Tubal & Meshech; 4. India & Pakistan: Cush & Phut; 5. The Philistines: Latino-Hispano America.

The chapter on The French & Swiss: Moab, Ammon & Haran, newly released, was at number 10.

The release of the final chapters means all are on Quora and so there are 34 chapters in total. I have also uploaded 8 appendices and some of the related articles on this website.

As far as the chapters, this is the order of popularity, with the top four relatively clustered together and the next six grouped together ahead of the remaining chapters.

  1. Alpha & Omega
  2. Esau: The Thirteenth Tribe
  3. The French & Swiss: Moab, Ammon & Haran
  4. Judah & Benjamin – the Regal Tribes

I am not surprised with Esau, as there is considerable interest online. I am surprised with Judah & Benjamin, as I presumed most people would assume they already knew the identity of these tribes. I wonder if the popularity is linked with people reading Esau and wanting to then know who really is the tribe of Judah. The big surprise, is the chapter on Moab & Ammon. It was popular even before I added the French in the title. What is gratifying in these four chapters being well received, is that they are the biggest chapters, took the longest to compile and were the most exacting to write. The first two especially, were emotionally draining, due to much of their content, which either bordered on the dark side, or well-crossed the line.

5. India & Pakistan: Cush & Phut

6. Manasseh & Ephraim – the Birthright Tribes

7. Noah Antecessor Nulla

8. China: Magog, Tubal & Meshech

9. The Philistines: Latino-Hispano America

10. Abraham & Keturah – Benelux & Scandinavia

It is gratifying to see Manasseh and Ephraim is reaching many people. For they, with the tribe of Judah, are the keys in unlocking all the other identities. The surprise for me, has been the level of interest in Abraham’s less well known sons from his second wife, Keturah. Maybe it has struck a cord with many people who have Northwestern European ancestry, for instance in the United States.

13. Dan: The Invisible Tribe

15. Will the Real Assyria Stand Up: Asshur & Russia

16. Reuben, Simeon, Levi & Gad – the Celtic Tribes

20. Issachar, Zebulun, Asher & Naphtali – the Antipodean Tribes

22. The True Identity & Origin of Germany & Austria – Ishmael & Hagar

25. The Incredible Identity, Origin & Destiny of Nimrod

Assyria has gone down from 12 to 15. I am surprised there is not more interest in Russia, to match say China or India? The low level of interest in Germany is also surprising. Perhaps the indoctrination of Ishmael being the Arabs is a bigger hurdle than I anticipated. Lastly, there is important information in the chapter on Nimrod, which closely parallels the chapters, Alpha & Omega and Assyria. I wonder if some see the name Nimrod and just dismiss as a person in the Bible who is not apparently confirmed in any extra-biblical work, or to be taken seriously.

On this website it continues to remain an entirely different story. One that does not seem to carry the same logic as displayed on Quora.

Excluding articles not related to the biblical identity of nations, China: Magog, Tubal, Meshech remains far above all other articles combined – similar to Alpha & Omega on Quora.

The next most read chapters by July were 2. Shem Occidentalis; 3. Gomer: Continental South East Asia; 4. Tarshish & Japan; 5. Tiras the Amerindian.

The most widely read chapters as of December are the following.

  1. China: Magog, Tubal & Meshech
  2. Esau: The Thirteenth Tribe
  3. Alpha & Omega
  4. Shem Occidentalis
  5. Gomer: Continental South East Asia
  6. Togarmah & the Koreas
  7. The Incredible Identity, Origin & Destiny of Nimrod
  8. Tarshish & Japan

Alpha & Omega has risen from 19th and Nimrod is far more popular than on Quora.

Other chapters of note, include:

10. Noah Antecessor Nulla

12. India & Pakistan: Cush & Phut

14. Will the Real Assyria Stand Up: Asshur & Russia

16. Dan: The Invisible Tribe

18. Judah & Benjamin – the Regal Tribes

27. The true Identity & Origin of Germany & Austria: Ishmael & Hagar

28. The French & Swiss: Moab, Ammon & Haran

30. Abraham & Keturah – Benelux & Scandinavia

33. Manasseh & Ephraim – the Birthright Tribes

I am somewhat puzzled why these chapters are not more viewed. I wonder because of the contrast with Quora, whether people new to the subject are reading the articles on Quora; while those more well-versed on the biblical identities of nations, are reading on this website. Explaining the lesser amount of interest shown in the high profile, more well known identities.

Most importantly, I am pleased and grateful for the increasing readership and to see this subject gain a wider platform of interest, knowledge and acceptance.

Take a look at the nations and watch what happens! You will be shocked and amazed. For in your days, I am doing a work, a work you will never believe even if someone tells you plainly!

Habakkuk 1:5 The Voice

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